Loading geometry in Base causes hanging, crash


We use LibreOffice Base as an interface to our PostgreSQL database, which with the PostGIS extension, enables the geometry data type.

When opening a table with geometry, especially polygon data, Base will hang loading the geometry column, and eventually hang.

Is there a way to avoid this, or is this something I should suggest as a bug?

Sorry for the extra long delay in answering. Haven’t worked with such since MapInfo 15+ years ago. Have been meaning to it anyway, so I set it up.


Linux Mint 18 KDE
PostgreSQL 9.6.3
PostGIS 2.3.3
QGIS 2.14

Simple table :

CREATE TABLE public.branches
  branchid integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('branches_branchid_seq'::regclass),
  branchname character varying(50),
  geom geometry(Polygon,4326),
  CONSTRAINT branches_pkey PRIMARY KEY (branchid)

Then used QGIS to create some polygons. Saved.
Created Base file using PostgreSQL DB.
Used Wizard to create form.
Opened form without problem.

One item I don’t quite understand yet is the way the polygon field is defined in the Base table:

image description

It comes up as a Memo [ text ] field. I was expecting Memo [ polygon ]. This may have something to do with your problem.


Of note, and almost forgot, using SDBC connector NOT JDBC. Could also have some bearing.