Loan Amortization Schedule

I want to set up an amortization schedule so I can determine the effects of extra principle payments.

The net is full of templates for that (e.g. Loan calculator with extra payments)- so what is your special question?

I answered your question in the form of an answer to my own question. Thanks again for your assistance.

I found numerous sites that would allow me to plug in my terms and create an amortization table but none of them allowed me to plug in extra principle and see the results. For example, I was wondering how beneficial it would be to put an extra 1000 on it once per year. I couldn’t do this with the sites my search turned up.

Before I retired, I had a computer at works. It had Excel and it offered the templates to do a variety of calculation involving present value and future value based on the usual loan parameters. I no longer have access to Excel and could not find a template in Libre or create it myself using the function keys.

The link you provided allowed me to not only access a spreadsheet to do what I wanted, it allowed me to do using the Libre program. Ironically, it came from Microsoft.

Thank you very much - Novah

Ironically, it came from Microsoft

That’s not ironically but based on the ability of LibreOffice to import the MS formats. So why to reinvent the wheel?