LOCalc to ics export for use elsewhere

topic solution original at LO to ics Export Previous Topic … however macro download link triggers a threat-warning - something more official please and/or share links/instruct in this thread?

Solution not clear for me (LO Calc newbie first time user)
Link me please so I can learn how to do - and/or - explain here please?

Need link/instruct for “Creating Macro” & “Modifying Macro” - specifically “add a column for repetition to macro” & “appended to the paragraph”


I have changed the link from http to https, hope that helps to avoid the warning (but no idea where the warning was, maybe it was unrelated to the URL; also, didn’t check the content).

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Something like this:


You don’t add the column to the macro, but to your datasource, before the macro is run. The additional lines shown in your own link will add the information to the record.

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Yes link no longer triggers download warning - thanks !

wow //…GettingStartedWithMacros.html is very extensive
reviewing and will try macro - maybe with another question here about

IMHO a macro solution is convenient but not necessary for simple cases. I check my archives to find the thread and example later this evening.

Found a thread here, where information is collected first in one sheet (Termine), wich is source for the last sheet (ICS). The last sheet can be saved as .csv-file. You only need to remove the default string delimiter to leave this empty.

Thread in german language:

Pictures for export:

And the example file:
DP_Beispiel_ics.ods (320.7 KB)