Localized numbering - how to add one?


I have a trouble with text numbering in LIbreoffice 3.6. I need to use type of numbering:



But, 3rd level of numbering available only in Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Greek languages which is not applicable for me. How could I add Ukrainian numbering to the list of standard numberings?

Just note - I ask not about custom numbering which could be added by adding custom style for current document, but regular possibility in the menu shown on screenshot.

We probably require @JohnSUN to comment on this matter. As far as I can tell the list of numbering options for ordered lists seems rather limited given the variation in just the Cyrillic alphabets. There is no Ukrainian sequence as you indicate, so letters such as Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe with Upturn (U+0491) are not included. Installing the Ukrainian (uk_UA) language pack (for DEB/x86_64/v4.1.0.4) does not appear to alter this list of available options, even though /opt/libreoffice4.1/share/config/soffice.cfg/cui/ui/res/uk/numberingoptionspage appears to indicate it should.