I am trying to recover some text from a file which was somehow not synced to a laptop I bought by my Sugarsync software across all the computers I use it with.

I returned the laptop and wiped it. For some reason the file did not sync onto my other machines. I am trying to find it.

I think I found it in the format ~lock.filename.docx#

But how do I recover text from this file? I open it with text editor and it just has the location of the file on the laptop which I returned, nothing else.

Can anyone help?

With gratitude in advance

You can’t, sorry to say. .lock files are there just to inform Libre that a fil e is in use already, it doesn’t contain any data.

A .lock file is created when you open any LO file and is deleted when you close the file. It is there to prevent another instance of LO opening the same file as this would obviously cause problems. Sometimes if the file or LO does not close properly the .lock file is not deleted. As @floris_v said it does not contain any data other than a reference to the file. Unless you have a backup of the file it is lost as you wiped the laptop which had the file.