lock pictures and text when inserting a page

I am writing a 20 page document in Writer with photos and text woven together on each page. On every page the photos and text have been carefully placed and MUST stay in the same position. I would like to insert a new page in the middle of the document, say at page 13. When I do that, the position of all the text and photos in the remaining pages (14 through 20) goes haywire, getting all jumbled in a mess.

Is there a way to lock the position of all text and photos in a document so that when you insert a new page, everything else in all the other pages remains where it is supposed to.

I had this same problem with Microsoft Word and never was able to solve it.

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This happens when the images are anchored to page. The page insertion respects this anchoring (eg an image inserted on page 2 remains anchored on page 2).

The solution is to use another anchor (paragraph, or other …)


Thanks for your effort to assist me. But, I really don’t understand your answer, and I’m not clear exactly what “anchors” are in Writer. It was not something that I every saw in MS Word. Since, I’m new to LibreOffice, I have just downloaded the guide and will start reading it, though it’s 400 plus pages, and in the contents I did not see any chapter heading that might address this problem.

The anchor of an image is where it is “attached”. An image anchored to a paragraph or character will “follow” that parag./char. If the paragraph “goes down” because we added text before it, the image follows. An image anchored on page #3 remains attached to page #3. If you insert a page between 1 and 2, the image is attached to the “new” page 3 (the old one became page 4).

After selecting the image, you can change the anchor by context menu or toolbar.


I have exactly the same problem with inserting a page, but I need my images anchored to the page. I mean, I need them anchored to the “current” page, not “anchored to the document” which is how “anchored to the page” currently functions. My images need to stay at the same place on their own page regardless of whether text or paragraphs are added above on the same page.
Now I need to insert a page before it. To reiterate, I want the images to stay on their “own” page, so an image anchored to page 3 will, after I insert a page between 1 and 2, be now anchored to page 4.

I agree with Mark Jeronimus. “Anchored page” actually means “anchor to document”, which is neither intuitive nor logical. Perhaps a new form of anchor is required.

I’ve figured out how to anchor an image but not the text to a page. Can anyone assist?

This is a new question relatively unrelated to the present one. Open a new question and delete this “no-answer”. In your question, describe what you do (which fails). Don’t forget your OS and LO version.