Lock up all functions except Copy/Paste/Add/Minus/Print/Save

Hello Friends,

I’m a newbie with LibreOffice. My client asked me for a very secure solution.

He wants his final solution appeared in such a way that the user can only be able to perform the following six operations

  1. Copy: Copy Data from Sheets using CTRL+C or Right Click option if available.
  2. Paste: Paste copied data from sheets to other sheets or external files using CTRL+V or Right Click Option
  3. Add and Minus: Summation and Subtraction of Cell A1 and Cell B1 i.e. =A1+B1 or A1-B1 but he couldn’t be allowed to perform other operations like dividing using “/” or multiplication using “*” etc. etc. Only allowed is Adding and Subtraction.
  4. Print and Save: Print the Sheet and Save As the file as another file with the same security settings.

Frankly speaking, I’m very good at the Excel-VBA framework. I can easily manage to build a kind of secured interface in Microsoft Excel but as the client is using LibreOffice, I’m bound to perform.

I really do not know where to start? is it possible without using coding in LibreOffice? If yes then please guide. I don’t have even 2 hrs of experience in LibreOffice Calc.

Many Thanks in Advance.

How would you accomplish that in Excel?

@erAck hi in excel vba, using excel.application’s object properties and also using commandbar object method I can manage that. also I can use Application.Onkey feature to disable some key functions.

But that doesn’t prevent one to use any other operators or functions in formula expression, does it?

Do you know how we can use Application.Onkey statement in LibreOffice Calc? @erAck

Dear @erAck, I really need your help with this query. Please help. I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn. Please at least give me the idea, is it even possible to use LibreOffice Calc in such secured mode? is it even possible to lock functions and user-interface?

I’m confused! well, I need your insights. I can perform it by changing cell data formate to text. after that, no function will work but again, I have to allow add and - arithmetic operations.

I looked at the many threads on youtube but there’s no helpful thing I found on that. I just want to know if it is not possible then how?! please help.

I don’t know how to solve your problem. Controlling UI is possible, but locking away access to operators or spreadsheet functions in formula expressions is not. (is it in Excel? I doubt.)

hello @erAck thank you for the comment. using Application. Onkey method, i can certainly perform that. but agian u r correct. if the another users doesn’t have set up the settings of the developer’s setting then it will again not work. I mean, in excel, we can literally stop showing functions lists. and using onKey method, I can certainly control keypad inputs. like if you going to press, “/” divide operator then i can bypass it. if you want i can send you one sample workbook to you. you can connect me here…


I don’t do 1:1 consulting.

Suppressing key input does not make things “secure”, just crippled. Paste the character (or a combination of characters and delete some) and the thing is bypassed.

@erAck thank you so much for tolerating me with questions. :slight_smile: I will directly ask the client and will deal with him and his technicals.