Lock which sheet to display in OLE table?

When I insert an OLE table from a Calc (ods) spreadsheet into a Writer (odt) document this way:

  1. Insert > Object > OLE object
  2. 🗹 Create from file
  3. 🗹 Link to file

it imports the table that’s in the active sheet in Calc. Makes sense so far, although it would be nice to have a dropdown list to chose a sheet from.

But my problem is that I would like to link tables from multiple sheets in the same ods file into my Writer document. However, if I try to do so, as soon as I reload the Writer document, all the OLE tables switch to the same sheet and display the same table.

Is there no way to specify which sheet should be displayed in any specific OLE table and lock it for good while still retaining the link to the data in the Calc file?

One way:

  • Insert a ‘Create new’ spreadsheet OLE object.
  • Being in this spreadsheet link to the spreadsheet with the data, using Menu/Sheet/Link sheet from file o Link to external data.
  • But you need to enter the embedded spreadsheet to update the links Menu/Edit/Links to external files

( ྃ Д ྃ ) smart. Thank you.