logic variable

An xls file is in MS office, and I work ibn LibreOffice. There are logic variables, for calculation ways. It das’nt convert,and don’t operates. Can I make something?

This is not a math issue, but a calc one. Please retag.

If you expect sensible answer, provide an example of the offending expressions. Don’t forget to mention LO version and OS. To do that, edit your question, don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions.

Sorry, I don’t know much about programming. It is LibreOffice5, and OS is Zorin (linux). I think to make it in separate calculating directions in xls without the original files.


Sure, you can make something. Go ahead and do! Calculate in any direction you want. Use xls if you must, but expect some loss (usually only cosmetical).

With the little info we have about your specific task/issue, this is about as specific advice as you can get.

Answered as comment because it is not really a solution.

Missing in your question

Are the “variables” objects in macro programs, cell values, or something else?

Calc spreadsheet does not have a “boolean” data type, but often recognizes a boolean context and sets formatting accordingly so result is displayed as TRUE or FALSE. This is to some extent different from Excel workings, a difference which may cause your issue.

In general, programming languages used for macros have a better concept and stricter enforcement of data types. Languages and API may be different, which may also cause your issue. (API is a set of tools/channels for the programming tool to access your spreadsheet data)