Loleaflet - Client proccess

Hi all,

I’m trying to build LOOL and as a first step I build the LO core (without problems) and next the wsd “module” (server). When I do “make run” the server start to listen the port 9980 and keep waiting for a client connection. If I try to open the LibreOffice follow the link:


I can access the document on Web Browser. I think the server part is ready!

But now, I can’t understand well the client part. Supposedly, when a client establish connection with the server “it’ll be closed inside the LibreOffice directory” (chroot jail). Is that? How I can give permissions for the client to access the jail? Do I need to create a group to manage this clients? I choose to do make run “automatically” so I not set up a minimal chroot system manually. Will it be a problem for me?

It’s a little bit confuse for me. I read the READ document in Loleaflet folder but I don’t understand the strategy to follow.

Please someone could help me with this question?

Thanks in advance