Long delays in opening or printing draw files imported from vsd files

I am running a 10th gen i7 16GB Nvidia 2GB laptop with a large SSD swapfile, but after a fairly rapid import of an 1,800 KB visio floorplan set and then extracting a page as a 27KB odg Draw file and making drawing additions in Draw to 36KB, whilst it saves quickly (a few seconds) if I reload, or restart machine and reload it can take ten minutes to reload. The same delay happens if I try to print it from Draw(A3 via new 6900 series brother multifunction printer). If however I export the file to pdf this happens in a few seconds and printing takes about a minute. I have tried a gif file with similar results.
If I reload the original imported floorplans on an older slower machine, the 101KB odg file containing 6 floorplans from visio, this loads in 13 seconds!
I have tried this with several different reworks of several of the original floorplans, and tried doubling the virtual memory swapfile size. In Task Manager it reports very high power usage and often 3GB of memory use but there is always apparent capacity left. So I guess something has to be wrong, but what? Any ideas or things I can try? Where in the Admin tools could I look for blockages or issues?
Further experimentation suggests it is particularly the print process that delays, a wait of more than an hour produced nothing, immediately after a successful very fast test page. CPU to 30%, memory to 50% at 8GB, very busy, various dependencies in process tree but no results. Printer twitches at the start then nothing at all. I have checked driver, reselected default printer, the main file running is soffice.bin. Repeating the process on a copy of the 36K odg file my Asus TP550L with older i7, half the memory at 2GHz produces a print dialogue in under a minute, however then a very long delay follows ! But is does report the printer as spooling via the monitor page unlike the supposedly much faster laptop.
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Further experimentation suggests that the delays process, a wait of more than an hour produced nothing, …

You already confirm your statements yourself.

But the report as the spooling …

The spooler does a software editing of your file.


I assume that the memory in your printer is too small.
I derive it from your statements:

  • PDF file goes faster (is only one layer and not many objects)
  • Spooler goes faster (logically, is previously processed in the PC).
  • Original file takes a long time (also logically, the preparation must make the printer.

Unfortunately, you did not mention, what operating system you use and file format in which you save.

Thank you for your reply
memory in MFC 6930 is 250MB
spooler doesn’t deliver anything
OS is Windows 10 in all cases
File format as it says in the question is odg for the problem to manifest
trials in gif or pdf not a problem
I am aware pdf is flattened single layer, it is the enormous difference in delay and the difference between the laptops that I don’t understand, I would expect consistency in delay from both laptops or the older one to be much slower.
The point about memory size may be relevant, but 256 MB is much much larger than the file size on disc when loaded. 36 KB to 256 MB plus? Even the source VSD file is only 1,800 KB and 27KB in odg before my additions and 36KB afterwards…