Looking for Base Dialog Examples


Win10 LO 6.4.7 HSQL 2.51

One of my Startup forms takes a bit to load, therefor I would like to display a Please wait dialog
until such time that the form opens up.
So the db on document open executes the dialog start and calls the form. The on open macro of the form will close the dialog.
Only problem is the dialog is modal.
Have found a couple of Calc related posts on the topic using visible instead of execute with some loop, but not
clear on how to adapt this to my requirements.
Grateful for any pointers, thks


There are two methods for a non modal dialog. One is as you mentioned with a loop. The other is to create the dialog completely from code and assign the parent as the desktop.

The answer in this post contains links to each of these types and there are some examples → how can i set DesktopAsParent for a dialog in a library?

Wow, your grid control example sure is intriguing !, Thank you @Ratslinger , will analyze and play…


This post (at the very end is Sample ------- GridSelection.ods) uses Calc and a dialog with two grid controls. There are listeners in the grid controls that when clicked (or double clicked) the item is pasted into the active Calc cell. More to try.

Edit - forgot to include the link → Calc BASIC | How to alter the previously opened dialog to be active ? And is there double click event for grid in dialog?

In my personal application, with my monthly overview dialog grid, a double click on a monthly amount displays another dialog with another grid showing details.

@Ratslinger Thanks again, powerful feature, will keep me busy for a little while.


One more note. I started years ago with the example in Pitonyaks’ PDF → OOME. The example is in Section 18.5.2 about page 651.