Looking for French tutorials


I’m looking for materials for a course. I work in a French institution, so the materials must be in French. Are you aware of French tutorials of Writer, Calc and Base? Thanks a lot!

Thien Sa.

Did you already ask your question on https://ask.libreoffice.org/c/french/7 ?

By the way: What institution are you working in?

Wherever courses aim at knowledge and capabilities concerning IT, usable in the long run, and not limited to low secondary level, acquaintance with internationally understood terminology is indispensable.

Much of the documentation for any “Western-based” software and IT technology is only available in English. The realistic alternative to English will neither be “next to every language” or French, but Chinese.

(I’m German. @anon73440385 also is.)

To elaborate on @Lupp’s comment, it depends on your audience. It is the teacher’s responsibility to adapt the discourse and the primary material to the student level and the goal of the course. This is why teachers can’t rely on generic books and why institutions request from teachers written material fit for the purpose.

If you master LO and know your students, you’ll have no difficulty to spot the hard points and arrange your course to work around these.

Regarding Writer, I recommend Bruce Byfield’s Design with LibreOffice excellent book. It will give you sound principles to use Writer. You can base your course on it.

No. It’s the first time that I’ve asked this question. I work for University of Montreal. I’m preparing an introduction course to digital resources.


may be this could help: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Publications/fr

thank you for your reply. I’m looking for vidéos and I’ve found 2 of them.

I’m looking for vidéos

Aha - sorry my university days are long time ago and learning from videos wasn’t en vogue by then (which still sounds a bit strange for me).

French tutorials:

thanks a lot! I appreciate it!