Looking for somebody with expertise in Base to do a paid project


I’m looking for somebody with expertise in Base to do a paid project. I tried to do this through Freelancer, but the person who was going to do it dropped out - I’m thinking they didn’t have the background for the job. This is for somebody with real experience in Base.

Here is the task:
I used to have a personal database in Microsoft Access 2000, which I used to track personal contacts, their organisations, their interests/topics, and my contacts with them. The interests feature of this will no longer work, apparently due to upgrades to Microsoft Windows. I want this database to be rebuilt in Libre Base, so that I can use it on any computer. Key features are shown in the attached Microsoft Access database: many to many relationships for individuals, organisations, interests and contacts.

There is a downloadable sample file (a version of the mdb file to be converted) at:

Sorry, in creating that sample to leave out very old bits of the mdb file, it messed it up a bit, so that does not work as before. Also, in deleting my personal data some things don’t work as well, but they should work in the Base database file.


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I would write you in private if I saw any way to do it.

I think that you better ask more specific technical questions not too far beyond the goal of this site.
Do you want the table data or is the presentation in forms and manuipulation also your concern.
The people who visit this site are DIY ers and not specifically searching for a job.
And if they are this all too vague and foggy.

There is no database sample at the URL you quoted so it is difficult to answer. Upload a sample.