Looking to create grid (not table) control on Base form

I’ve been able to create a grid control (not a table control) successfully in a dialog. Having discovered its’ potential, I can see uses for this type of control within a form. However, after countless hours of searching and trying a variety of things, I’ve had no success. I am turning to the community for any possible insight. Here is a sample: GridDialog.odb . Been using this on multiple versions of LO from 4.3.x through

FYI: If interested, Mri v1.3.2 extension (fix for LO v5.1 problem) is available at Mri 1.3.2. Thank you Hanya!


Brought this out from the dark spaces of the past to see if any new people may have an idea on this. I still have use for this and have not given up.

I took a look but couldn’t figure out what menu I was supposed to choose from. Not that I would be able to help, just interested to see what you’ve been able to create.All I could offer would be from a user perspective.

If you open the only form, big letters across the form say “Select Dialog from Menu to view sample grid”. The creation of this dialog is a macro. Dialog is a menu item!

Looks SWEET! Might I suggest rather than “Dialog” on the Main menu, “New Control” or some such? I didn’t see it because I am not familiar enough with LO and didn’t notice that it wasn’t normal. Of course your intended viewer was supposed to be someone with much more experience than me ! Sorry to interrupt.

Couldn’t Help myself ! Image .

My image actually fills the entire gray area of the screen with only 1/4" space on left and right 1/2’ above button and immediately below red text. Will try to duplicate your display. There is nothing to “play” with. A grid (unlike a table control) is just to display info. Has some good potential in a form. Also has some property settings not available in table control - alternating line colors, no column headings and more.

What is the resolution of the monitor you used to view the dialog?

1920x1080 here.

Thank you for the response. The dialog was designed for 1366x768 screen. The grid is created using pixels. Had no intention (not immediate) for distribution so didn’t bother to take into consideration varying resolutions resulting in the dialog you saw. Thanks again.

Reset resolution to 1366x768, restarted comp. Made everything HUGE on my screen. Opened
grid DB. Same result, just bigger. Same as before. As I am the only one that appears to have this problem, don’t let it drag you down. Sorry for the slow reply, LO won’t save my notifications settings. Have to login several times a day to see if my envelope is RED!

Very interesting. Thanks for the ideas.

So basically what you are saying, @Ratslinger, is that your investigation so far concludes you can only use the grid control in a dialog, not in a form? If so, that’s too bad. I haven’t played with grid controls yet, but it’s cool to see they allow more visual manipulation than table controls.

Have concluded using this in a form is not currently possible. Also be aware that the control is NOT data aware. Data must be filled by the user.

Years after asking and searching, I have determined this is not currently possible.

Have thought for some time that a Text Table may suffice. It works. One drawback is there is no scrolling as there is in a Grid Control.

Sample view:

Still requires macros, but manageable.

Blank areas shown are variable and change with the data displayed. Tables are inserted into a frame making size and position easier.