lookup function between 2 files

I use lookup function between 2 files and it works fine. But after i close the file and open it again, the link won’t be updated and so I got error message #NAME?

what should i do?

From LibreOffice error codes page:

Code 525 #NAME?
Message invalid names (instead of Err:525 cell contains #NAME?)
Explanation An identifier could not be evaluated, for example, no valid reference, no valid domain name, no column/row label, no macro, incorrect decimal divider, add-in not found

Please show the lookup formulas causing the error message.


What’s your LibreOffice version? Apparently you saved in OOXML .xlsx format and it looks like you were hit by some bug fixed already.


your VLOOKUP() doesn’t refer to a second file, but a sheet named [4]baru within the same document, which in turn is an invalid sheet name, since sheet names may not contain the characters [ ] * ? : / \ or the character ' (apostrophe) as first or last character. This clearly explains why you got a #NAME? error.

I’d expect something like


PS: The ! separating sheetname from range makes me assume, that you got the formula from an Excel document.