Lookup smallest in column

I am trying to put together a smart ‘check register’ … column A is the date of the transaction, colomn B is the amount, column F is the amount processed based on today’s date … column H is the resulting balance of as of todays date … … In column A & B, I have all known Debits and Credits some in the future all shown with respective dates … … Column J is the account value of all transactions, including all not yet processed … …

What I am trying to do now is find the smallest value in column J from today forward. I see a lookup function looking link this, (but it does not work) … =lookup(small, today:a999, ???:j999) —??? is the same row as today is on in column A but in column J —

If you think you can help, I have a sample of my data that I can purlish or send to you … thanks for looking

MINIFS function help

I must be dense but I can not figure out how to use the MINIFS function.

Then please edit your question and add a sample file with notes about you want to achieve.

I will do so in a couple hours …

withdrawn question