Losing ability to save with Ubuntu 12.10

When I’ve got Libreofficewriter and Libreoffice calc open together I often lose the ability to save both the open doc or open spreadsheet and the ability to exit either program. This is using Libreoffice that comes with Ubuntu 12.10.

Anyone else seen this problem

Do you mean the menus are lost? If so, that is a known problem, already reported as a bug in Launchpad.net.

@TugboatCaptain – What version of LO are you using on Ubuntu 12.10?

@Fitoschido – Could you please post a link to the specific bug on Launchpad?


The menus are there but fail to function. For example File->Exit is there but does not function. The only way to exit is via the little red X on the menu bar. If there is something to save it will prompt with the option to save. I have occasionally seen this behaviour when I’ve had two files open in writer only but more often when writer and calc are both open. The version of LO is

I’ve now upgraded to LO We’ll see if the problem persists.

Can this be closed as per comment above?

Closing as there is no report back since 2013-03-29.

Hi @TugboatCaptain,

Please let us know if you’re having problems after upgrading to LO If you are still having issues, please file a bug so that we can help you to track down the exact problem.