Losing information from W-2010 files?

I am editing a Word 2010 file (docx) and from my point of view it works nicely. Others complain that some of the editing information is getting lost. I believe that something is getting lost since when I open up a Word 2010 file that has a size of 257398 bytes, then just a “save as”, the file size comes out to 141024 bytes (or about 2/3s the size).

Something is going away I believe. This is the first file I used after doing an install of 4.0.2 on my Linux (F17) machine.

I really DON’T want to go back to figuring out that ribbon sillyness if I have to!


I’m using LO version 4.0.2 (I had just loaded it up before sending the original request). I looked at the saving options, and there seems to be a couple of ‘XML’ saving options. I understand that there are some formatting options that might be deleted by saving in “word 2007/2010 xml” format. I suppose the more general question might be: What IS/IS NOT implemented in the ‘.docx’ format, and how to figure out the differences.

There is no simple answer to you question, particularly as work is constantly being done to improve DOCX support. Even my answer is general to the point of being inaccurate. You can download the ECMA-376 (MOX/OOXML) specification here and the ODF specification here. It is more a question of approach and translation. Both standards seek to implement similar features.

It is not entirely clear what you are doing, so I will try and paraphrase: (a) you are using a version of LO (you do not mention which) to open and edit a Word 2007/2010 DOCX file; (b) when edited and saved under MS Word 2010 the file size is 257398 bytes; (c) when you open and save the same file using LO the file size is 141024 bytes. Does that sound right?

In answer, yes, something is “going away”. MS Word implements the full OOXML specification, while LO only implements a sub-set of it. The specification is huge (6000+ pages) and is going to take years to fully implement, if ever. A lot of MS OOXML is probably being discarded by LO because there is no facility in LO yet to produce the requisite code.

As to your problem, well, you don’t really say what is occurring / missing, either visually or functionally.