Loss of Data in one of the sheets

I am using libre office

Using Calc, I opened one of my files which was earlier created using MS OFfice Excel 2007.

After working in one of the sheets, I saved and closed the file.

When I re-opened the file next day, the data in the sheet which I worked disappeared and in another sheet of the same file, the formatting was gone.

I retyped the entire data which was lost in the sheet, saved and closed the file.

When I re-opened the file, I was shocked to see no data in the sheet which I had retyped. It is very frustrating.

Please help.


From which file format did you open the document and to which file format did you save it after editing?

Be aware, please, of the fact that LibreOffice may try hard to map between different persistent representations and the live representation of the document under editing. The results will always be less than 100% equivalent if an alien format is involved because of the different document models.

File was created in MS Office Excel 2007 and saved as MS Office Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
The file was opened in Calc and saved retained the file type i.e. “xlsx”

The reliabilty of the xlsx support in LibreOffice is said (No experiences of my own!) to still be “less than 100%”.

The 4.4.0 version of LibO is (own experiences now) still very “fresh”. There were introduced new features and reworked code. Maybe you better try V4.3.5 which is (imo) rather stable. Another way should be to converting the file to old xls by Excel. xls being an udocumented proprietary format, it might nonetheless still be better supported at this time due to long experience.

By the way: Just yesterday V4.4.1 RC2 was published and is expected to be identical with the release version coming next week. This is, however, the second (and last) sub-version of 4.4. coming with new parts. After this there will be bugfixes and localisation enhancements only.

RC1 alone fixes alot, but surprisingly RC2’s list is so short, but not useless.

Must be careful with csv format. Only the current sheet will be saved in this.