Lost ability for receiver to view/edit my .docx

Using Microsoft Windows 10, Version 1909, OS build 18363.628

I have sent Libre Calc spreadsheet to a Microsoft office suite owner who up to now has been happy to open and edit my attachments as .docx.

Now after my update to Libre the only .docx file I can send has changed from save as Office Word ??? .docx to save as Word 2007-365 .docx

He only opens the right hand side of the spreadsheet and cannot edit with my sending as 2007-365 .docx.

I can only successfully send, for him to view and work on my files, as Word 97-2003 .doc

Can I get the old send as .docx that is not 365 included in the save as > file extension drop down, as per the
old Libre version 5?

I have sent Libre Calc spreadsheet to a Microsoft office … as .docx.


What is it you don’t understand? I sent a Libre 2007-365 .docx to a recipient called a receiver and his Microsoft Office couldn’t open it correctly.

Ok - at least at that point cited by my comment your question starts to be completely incomprehensive and confusing, since you cannot (and never could) save a Libre Calc spreadsheet, which natively carries .ods extension, to .docx, which is Microsoft Office’s extension for Word (Text processing). You can export (using Save As) a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet to .xls,xlsx,csv and some others, but not to .docx. In consequence you couldn’t have sent a Libre Calc spreadsheet to a Microsoft office … as .docx - and that’s caused me to What?

If translation to foreign formats .docx or .xlsx (which are not in the public domain, hence not fully masterd) are causing problems, send your fiiles in ODF formats (.odt or .ods). Micro$oft is claiming to be able to read and write these formats (though it took liberties with ODF).

On closer inspection; He sends me a .docx file that looks like a spreadsheet but now I realise I am opening his .docx file by double click into Libre Office Writer
I note Libre Calc has no save as .docx. My apology.

But there is still the issue of when I work on the file and send it back as .docx using the 2007-365 file option he has the horizontal half page and cannot further edit.

That was doable using Libre v5, might it be that his MOffice is pre 365 hence not able to open correctly?

I have never used the XML .docx save option, perhaps that is the correct way with the 365 option for him to open correctly even though he is probably pre 365?

Is it possible that the pre 365 .docx could be reincluded in the save as drop down menu in Libre Office Writer?
I am conscious of seemingly nit picking, with such an amazing piece of shareware, my appreciation is boundless.


.docx is known to incur more problems than older .doc. Since you’re in collaborative work with a file of external origin, you can’t do many things on the input (you receive it as is). As a workaround, try to send back a .doc file (Word 97-2003). If your document has a quite simple structure (no advanced feature used), this could do. Otherwise, if it still doesn’t solve the issue, send back and .odt file.

As I mentioned in my previous post, M$ Word can read ODF documents. Once again, if the document is quite simple, it could also do the trick.