Lost document


Upon opening Libre this morning I found that i could not access the document I am working on it would not revover in the start up dialogue and, although it shows up on the ‘recent files’ page clicking on it only brings up a message saying D:\CHARLIE.ODT does not exist. It also does not seem to appear in the list of documents in my laptop. This is a document I was working on just last night and, if lost, represents several weeks worth of work. Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to get my work back?

Did you already perform a search using Explorer (Due to D:\ I assume you use some Windows version)? Another thing is. What is "D:\ "? Is it a second local hard disk or is it a network drive ? If it is a network drive, is i really shared. Is it a USB stick? If it is a USB stick, have you inserted the USB disk?
You might see from all these questions it is more interesting that you tell us about your system then to tell us you were working on the file last night.

Okay, total tech-unsavvy person here, so you may need to excuse me. I was trying to use the auto-recover facility that Libre has on opening. It recovered two other files but did not recover this one. I do have a back up version that I have saved to memory stick but that is saved under a different name. No other external storage is used and I believe the memory stick is under E: (although I could be wrong) I’ve tried looking under D;:\ but the laptop says it doesn’t exist. I’m running windows 10

ok - if today there is no D:\ the recover must fail since “Recent Documents” list in LibreOffice does only store the name (CHARLIE.ODT) of the file and it’s location (D:\). If now D:\ does no longer exist on your Windows system, LibreoOffice just looks to find a file at an non-existing location. This does not necessarily mean that the file is gone. Check in your file manager (Windows Explorer) and perform a search on CHARLIE.ODT

Thanks for that. I have checked undef ‘File Explorer’ (seems I don’y have ‘File manager’) and the file shows up but upon trying to open it Libre’s file recovery box pops up and I have the same trouble of it telling me the file does not exist.

Sorry - but this is incomprehensible. If Windows Explorer finds a file then it cannot be non-existent at the same time. It may happen, that LibreOffice cannot recover, but it cannot tell that it does not exist.