lost file after not saving modifications

I am using LibreOffice (Writer) on Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.5. I could not save documents anymore since my disk was full. Therefore I chose not to save modifications, as the previous version of the odt file was already saved and I could save my add-ons somewhere else. But then the file disappeared completely ! And the backup folder is empty… I don’t know where to look at !

If you just quit without saving, there is no reason hat your file vanished. Have try to locate the file with the OS search utility?

A full disk will always cause trouble. Modern OSes require quite a large amount of disk space for correct operation. And MacOS virtual memory is implemented as a file, not as an independent partition , adding to the requirement.

So, first thing is to recover your file, then make room on your disk (a few GBi – 5-10 is a reasonable amount but 5% is even safer if you use your disk as archive-only, much more if you add data), and finally download a more recent LO version: current is presently 6.4.x.

Thank you very much for your help!