Lost files and LibreOffice during update to 5.4.5.

I received message “new version of Libre available”, so attempted to upgrade to 5.4.5:

  • Clicked and got on Libre site.
  • Clicked download. Clicked install.
  • Mid install it stopped , message said “not enough (space, I think) must sign in sign as administrator”.

I retried from start 2 more times, same result.

Now Libre icon is gone, cannot find Libre in programs, My files are gone. How do I get old version back and my files??

Please read these guidelines and the “ask your question well” FAQ. You haven’t told us what operating system you’re on (Windows, perhaps, from the error message you got?). Please add these details by editing them into your question. Thanks.

And how much free space to you have on the device you’re attempting to install/upgrade to?

Ended up downloading again next day. It installed and all files back.
Thanks anyway.