Lost my toolbar in openSuse 15.3 upgrade to

My toolbar is lost and useless after upgrade and since I am not good in Linux I do not know how to proceed to fix it - Should I try Open Office (really do not like it) - have used Libre Office for 6+ years!
Please assist.

[EDIT by EarnestAl to show image]

What toolbar is missing? It looks like the Standard Toolbar before any additions.
To add toolbars, click View > Toolbars and select an unticked toolbar to display (or to remove unselect a visible one).
If it is the icons that have changed than you can change them in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and under Icon Style choose another set of icons until you find a set you like.
If you had a different User Interface you can select another from View > User interface. Note that some hide the menu but if they do, there is an icon Menubar somewhere at right or left or in a drop-down that will bring the menu back. They also normally offer the User Interface as an icon somewhere too.
Cheers, Al

Thank you so much EarestAl - you saved my problem after having uninstalled LibreOffice twice and played with the .config/libreoffice/4/user as I am using this on my new home built PC and installed the backup from my old one I; … and with my above shown result without seeing the icons I thought maybe this was overwritten and got off the track.

I had played around with the Plasma Style in KDE setting but did not realize that this might have effected my Icon Style in LibreOffice. Now all solved and got some more understanding of the fantastic LibreOffice.

One additional question; In my spreadsheet I use View > Toolbars and add “Text Formatting” and save the document. When I reopen the file again the “TF” has disappeared.
Any way to keep it until you unhook it in the menu?
Cheers, Aage

The Text Formatting toolbar doesn’t seem to like to stay docked in Calc. To be fair, there is a lot of duplication and very little extra it has to offer over the standard Formatting toolbar. Other toolbars, such as Tools stay visible through sessions until closed

Why don’t you just add the icons you want to the Formatting toolbar? Some are already easily added by right-clicking the Formatting toolbar and selecting Visible Buttons and clicking a button would like to be available as an icon on the toolbar, e.g. Strikethrough

Other that are not offered can be added by right-clicking the toolbar, selecting Customise > Toolbar and selecting a command in the left pane, then clicking the right-facing arrow to add it to the right pane and clicking OK.

Hi Al,
Thank you so much. By using Formatting Tool Bar it solved my problems.
Thanks again and bye, bye for now