Lost scripting location marker (Green square)

I used to have green squares while using Libre Ofiice marking the locations of scripts. But i cant see them anymore. i think i’ve used a wrong macro or hit an option by accident.

to be more specific. i use Libre for writing text and put some scripting in the text so that i can use it in other programs. so real minimal use
The green square i mean is the square that shows the location in the tekst where you’ve added scripting in the text. so after you create a section, marked it and then click on script.

I’m at the point where i have to check if my scripting is in the right location, but without the markers thats near impossible. how do i get them back

Is it possible that the markers are round a frame and do not have a color?
I think also the problem is in a writer document and is not related to macro’s.

Thanks for replying in dutch and english. it was indeed writer. i found the solution to my problem.

Extra > Options > Libre office writer > Screen > select notes this triggerd the visal que for the square in question.

sorry for the confusion

Do you mean Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>View, Comments check box?
It would help to “translate” into internationl recipe if you mentioned OS name, LO version and your UI locale.