Lost writer document

Libreoffice writer just glitched showing a Input/Output error when I attempt to save or close it. Being that its unresponsive i did “end task” and tried to restart the program. It said it recovered the document sucessfully but its an older veersion without any of my latest writing, and all my images and formulas are gone or corrupted or misplaced. How do i revocer the proper version of the document. i need this ASAP, its a physics lab due today.

the file format is docx because that is the only format that can also be edited on the school comouters
i am using windows 7 because linux decided to fail to boot in the last 2 days

Try the suggestions here: [Hint] How did I fix my ODT file (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum and cross your fingers.

Get a copy of MSO, it’s really safer to use the same software for work related documents, you save a lot of time fixing conversion problems and so on.