Low Quality Graphics / Scaling issues

I’m new to LibreOffice excuse my ignorance. I’ve seen this question all over the internet. I’ve combed through a ton of threads, but no one seems to really answer it straight. Maybe it’s how they are asking. Is libreoffice just a much lower quality graphic experience compared to MSoffice? I’m getting the same experience on three different machines / OS (Ubuntu 16.04, Linuxmint 19 and Windows 10) on: (Lenovo X230i, XI Yoga, MS SurfaceBook). LO ver I’ve tried all the basic suggestions Toggling: Antialiasing, OpenCL, GPU, Using native Open Fonts, Using LO filetypes, Tweaking Xrandr, etc. Nothing brings LO even close to what I am used to. See screen snip here of the same file opened in Calc and Excel side by side. I’d hate to waste more time troubleshooting this if I am doomed to fail. Is this just how it is?

(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)

Please test with a new profile. Menu/Help/Restart in Safe mode.

Are you seeing the same fuzziness issues in Linux?
Can you post a Linux screenshot of the same thing you did for Windows 10?
The OSs use different rendering engines so I would like to see Linux too.

On Windows LO is only doing gray-scale anti-aliasing.
Excel is doing full sub-pixel rendering.
Zoom way into your screenshot and you can see the colors in the Excel side, but the LO side is only grey.

If you use KDE Plasma (on Linux) go to System Settings/Fonts and do the following:

  • Use anti-aliasing: Enabled
  • Sub-pixel rendering: RGB
  • Hinting style: Slight
  • Force Fonts DPI: 120 (in my case with 1920x1080 laptop screen)