Low resolution icons

Hi guys,
I have a strange and annoying issue: starting from LO 5.3, I get low resolution icons.
This issue affects UI icons (http://imgur.com/uS41lt2) and radio button.
In every LO suite program.

Any idea on:

  1. Is it a known issue?
  2. How can I fix it?

PS: I have tried to change icon-set but nothing change! same issue with every pre-installed icon-set

I haven’t noticed that in 5.3, but now when I’ve upgraded to I found icons awfully pixelized (in any icon style). They look quite ugly, so I’m also interested in the answer

The icon style is controlled in Tools - Options - View. Your icon style is Tango, you can change it to another one that you like better.

Updated OP: I have already tried it but nothing change!

I have finally solved this annoying issue!

You have simply to choose the SVG version of that icon-set.
Honestly, I do not know exactly since when LO has two version of the same icon-set, e.g. “Elementary” and “Elementary (SVG)”, anyway this is the trick you need to use.
I hope this will become the default choice.