Mac: How Can I Follow a Link in a LibreOffice Doc?

I’ve searched the “Getting Started” and “Calc Guide” and can’t find any results for hyperlink click.

I get a message saying command-click to follow link.

I try right-clicking, since command click is the single-button-mouse equivalent of right-click, but it doesn’t work. I have coordination issues, so trying to use both hands at once is an obstacle. Some other users only have one hand.

I’m not familiar with the Mac, but if there’s no other answer here, you can go to tools / options / security / options, and uncheck “[ ] Ctrl-click for following hyperlinks”. Then a simple Left-click will open the links.

On that Mac, Tools - Options translates to Preferences.

You can customize a toolbar or you set a short cut key for that. Is is the command “Open Hyperlink” in category “Edit”. You find this command already in the context menu, if the cursor is in the hyperlink.

Command-click does work! You’re mixing it up with ctrl-click, which is indeed the equivalent of right-click.

The command key is the one just next to the space bar. It says cmd on it. (In fact, there are two of them on either side, just use the one that works best for you.)

(Opening links with command-click is one of the best features in Writer, in my opinion. Helps a lot to avoid accidentally opening links all the time)