Mac installation: Spinning wheel, black screen, Libre not responding

I installed Libre on my 2012 MacBook Air with a new install of High Sierra. I’m not experiencing problems with the new OS. When I opened Libre for the first time, it wouldn’t respond. Nothing happened. It took a minute or two and finally it opened.

The white background and light gray frame for a Word document I opened was bright for my eyes, so I explored the preferences for the first time and selected black for the document’s background color. But the gray frame and gray bars at the top remained gray, so I found the themes section of preferences and thought I’d try some. I clicked on ‘Colors’ and it indicated it was searching. Nothing happened, though. I finally tried exiting and my entire computer screen turned black.

I’m able to see the menu at the top where preferences is located, when I put my cursor up there. But I can’t see anything else. Did I somehow convert everything (the entire screen and font) to black? When I go into preferences, the wheel spins and things freeze and don’t respond. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’m feeling concerned that perhaps my older laptop is a problem or there’s a compatibility problem with High Sierra.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I’m anxious to start writing my book again. MS Word was out of date and I couldn’t afford to purchase a new copy, and I’m frankly tired of being tied to Microsoft. I’m really hoping I can keep Libre. It sounds like an exciting program and wonderful community of people.

Thank you.

ETA: I ended up having to force quit Libre. Also, I chose the “conservative” option when I downloaded Libre, although I’m not really sure what that means. I’m a light user and only need Libre for word processing.

An update: I force quit Libre last night and reopened it today. It didn’t open full screen, which allowed me to see the toolbars, and I can now type. The font is white. But I get spinning wheels and am not feeling I can trust Libre for writing my book just yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I’m experiencing problems and what to do about it? I’m not understanding how to get support. Thank you.

Responses take too long. Libre seems like a great concept, but to be already experiencing problems, with absolutely no one to talk to, renders Libre too high-risk for important writing projects. I’m uninstalling.