Mac keyboard shortcut: previous position

MS Office 5 had a very useful keyboard shortcut that would jump the cursor back to the most recent position. I have trawled through Customise/Keyboard/Navigate, but despite the generous offering of To previous… there was no To previous position. Does anyone know of a plan to add this feature, or a way to get around the lack, or even some shareware that will let one add keyboard shortcuts within applications?

I see what you mean, and I do appreciate that feature. But what I mean is jumping to last position of the cursor while I am editing a document (and jumping around in it). Editing is much quicker when I can jump back and forth without the mouse.

Hi @Pansodan, I’m not really sure what you mean “jumping to the last position of the cursor”. Wouldn’t that usually be just one character or line away (especially if you’re not navigating with the mouse?)

As far as I know, LO doesn’t that operation automatically. However, I found a script which I use to do the job manually.

The script comprises two macros: one to set a quick mark, and another to return to the set quick mark. It’s a lot easier that having to set a normal book mark yourself.

The script and discussion can be found at:

LibreOffice does that automatically on document load. See this answer

That’s a shortcut I use a lot too.
In Bean it’s called “last cursor position”, and in Word 5 and Word 2004 it’s called “Go back”.
Surely LibreOffice must have an equivalent somewhere?