MAC libreoffice - remove hyperlinks

I have LibreOffice on a Mac OS 10.15. I would like to remove (disable) a hyperlink in a cell in a spreadsheet. Right-clicking on the URL and clicking “Hyperlink …” in LibreOffice for Mac does not offer an option to “Remove” or “Undo” (that is, leave the text in place, but remove or undo its “hyperlink status”). Thank you.


  • To remove the hyperlink: Select the cell and CTRL+M
  • To edit the hyperlink: Mark the text and CTRL+K
  • To prevent creation at all: Deactivate Tools -> AutoCorrect Options ... -> Tab: Options -> Option: [ ] URL recognition

On macOS: Replace CTRL by the macOS equivalent (CMD? - not sure how it is called)

Hope that helps.

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Thank you.