Mac OSX 10.6.8 Need dl link

Brand new Mac user…Love libre office. This mac is running 10.6.8 I NEED libre office. Please send me the link to dl. I don’t understand how to dl from parent directories and such. Just a link that I can click on!!


(I am not a Mac user.)

The current release of Mac OSX is 10.11.1 and the current release of LibreOffice V5.0.4 for Mac requires OSX 10.8 or higher. Thus, if you cannot upgrade the system. you will have to resort to an older version of LibO, I am afraid. I once was told LibO 4.2 would be the last version running under Mac Osx 10.6. You may try V4.2.6.3 from this link.

I thought 11 > 8.

@rautamiakka : ?

The questioner was using Osx 10.6. It is 6 < 8, isn’t it?

I have a feeling I made a very stupid mistake …