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Using MacOS High Sierra, and recently updated LO to 7.0.6. I noticed tonite that all my .odt files are being saved as odt files, but showing a MicroSoft Word icon for each file instead of the LO Writer icon, globally. (Haven’t tested with a spreadsheet or database file yet) I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but ni cgabgeWhat do I need to change to get LO icons showing instead of Microsoft?

If you double-click a file does it open in MS Word? If so, and you don’t want it to, then you need to change your file association, this link is for an older version of MacOS, I don’t know if it works for newer versions

No, it isn’t file association–clicking on any of the files opens then in LO. Again, it’s just the icon that’s being shown as MS Word–the files themselves are still odt and open properly. So, still trying to figure out how to get the LO files to show as such and not MS.

LO uses similar colours to MS for icons. In my installation on Windows in which I have both programs installed, I have a blue icon for Writer (.odt) and a grey/brown icon for Word (.docx) as image below

image description

Hi Earnest–

Thanks, but that’s what’s now missing since I updated to 7.0.6. The blue LO icon no longer shows, and yes that’s what I used to have when I created/saved an ODT file, as I originally noted. All my odt files now show the MS Word icon. Big “w” in the corner and everything . BTW–my spreadsheet files are also now showing MS Excel icons. Obviously this is an issue with my system, but I don’t know how to reset it. (Interestingly, as of this morning, my .doc files are showing up as a blank page icon.)

OK, it looks like a MacOS issue.

I found this article Repair incorrect icon association but it might not work for your installation.

On Stack Exchange Wrong generic… icon one post said “Running Disk Repair out of Recovery Mode resolved this issue…” but had no upvotes

That’s what I figured. Appreciate your searching,but the 1st suggestion is 12 years old and not applicable to my H.Sierra setup. The 2nd gives me a “Operation not permitted” Terminal error message. So, still no joy…

Might be worth asking on a Mac forum

Possibly, but since this only happened since I installed the LO 7.0.6 update and it only affects LO files and ittheir file icons, I think this would be the forum to ask on–not all Mac users know about the advantages of using LibreOffice. :slight_smile: