macos mojave (10.14) support?


i am a user of libreoffice (v5.4.7.2) and am looking for information with regard to testing with macos mojave (10.14). has this been tested? if not, is there a schedule as to when this testing should be complete?


It is reported (on IRC) to work.

LO Version:, OS: Mac OS X 10.14 - have updated my office machine yesterday, works almost fine. Have issues with two “complicated” files (lot of data, functions, macros and custom functions included, autocalculate disabled because of the large amount of calculations to handle) - both files just quit performing recalculation and become some kind of corrupted - can open them on Mac OS X 10.13.6, LO, change data and perform recalculation, but formula results do not change.

Both backup files are working fine on Mac OS X 10.13.6, LO I am not sure if Mojave causes trouble or it is LO to blame, need to perform some testing on different OS and LO versions.