Macro check if windows or linux

What is the best way to check in a macro if its running on windows or linux?

I want to modify shell command to work with either bash or cmd.

Similar question is here.

This is from Andrew’s OOME:

'Listing 173. Display the GUI type as a string.
Sub DisplayGUIType()
 Dim s As String
 Select Case GetGUIType()
 Case 1
 s = "Windows"
 Case 2
 s = "OS/2" ' Set in the source code, but no longer documented.
 Case 3
 s = "Mac OS" ' Used to be documented, never supported, I expect Mac to return 4.
 Case 4
 s = "UNIX"
 Case Else
 s = "Unknown value " & CStr(GetGUIType()) & CHR$(10) &_
 "Probably running in Client/Server mode"
 End Select
 MsgBox "GUI type is " & s, 0, "GetGUIType()"
End Sub
' The value -1 is returned if the type is not known, but that is not specifically documented. This probably 
'means that you are running in a client / server mode, but, I have not checked that.

Thanks, GUI type just didn’t register when I was looking at the index for OS type.

I recommend the following Basic code:

Option Explicit
Sub Main : MsgBox OSName : End Sub
Function OSName As String
    ''' Return platform name as "MAC", "UNIX", "WIN" '''
    With GlobalScope.Basiclibraries
        If Not .IsLibraryLoaded("Tools") Then .LoadLibrary("Tools")
    End With
    Dim keyNode As Object ''
    keyNode = Tools.Misc.GetRegistryKeyContent("org.openoffice.Office.Common/Help")
    OSName = keyNode.GetByName("System")
    ' inferred from "Tools.UCB.ShowHelperDialog" '
End Function ' (Tools).OSName '

Enjoy !