Macro Editor Object Catalog Refresh

Six months later, v6.2.2.2 Problem still exists. Without completely closing and re-opening LO, How does one refresh the Object Catalog in the Macro Editor once code changes have occurred?


How does one refresh the function list in the Object Catalog?

Let’s say I have a Calc sheet with some code in Standard → _Functions.

I’ve made some code changes; adding, removing, or renaming a routine.

The Object Catalog’s function list does not reflect these changes.

Switching to a different section of the Object Catalog then back to does seem to work, but poorly, as any changes are at the bottom of the function list, rather than being alphabetized. Libre is tracking things, though, as opening Organize Macros from the toolbar shows things in the correct order.

The only way to fully refresh and sort the function list seems to be closing and re-opening the entire app (not just the macro editor, but Libre itself).

Some sort of “Refresh” command for the Object Catalog would be most useful.

If there’s a command I’m missing to make this happen, please let me know!