Macro Lost on upgrade to LO 5.0

I am on Ubuntu. I wrote some Macros way back in LO 4.1…I then upgraded manually to LO4.4…I had to delete LO4.0 from my PC to be able to upgrade to LO 5 on Ubuntu 15.10 (I keep up to date with the new releases). Now however I cannot find my Macros. I still have access to files written in LO4.4…but how do I find my macros>

are these python macros?

Basic…as far as I am aware

@karlous is right, standard location is .config/libreoffice/<<version>>/user/basic/, primarily in files like Module1.xba. Browse to the hidden folder in your home directory .config and then follow that chain. I have a folder for versions 3, 4 and 4-suse so there might be more than one place to look. My LO5 uses version folder 4-suse, can confirm by creating new module, see where it is saved, copy all desired macros there I think.


In [almost] every case, the LO5-branch use the same <user-configuration> in folder
/home/ »you« /.config/libreoffice/4/user as the LO4.x branch.
So, soffice should find all the stuff stored into →MyMacros... – if not, you does|did something different which nobody knows except you at the moment

is it possible you has removed the folder I’ve mentioned above manually ? – your fault!

Yes, definitely my fault…when I removed LO4 with Synaptic, I must have caused a change…funny I can find one macro that I wrote but not the others.

I don’t have a MyMacros folder.

NO, its not the job of synaptic to remove something in ~/.config/

Ah, OK, I wonder where it went then?