Macro - "Round function not defined" error

When I open ODS file with macro with Round(x,2) function and run it it yelds an error “BASIC runtime error. Function or procedure not defined”.
When I rewrite the formula it works ok until I save and close the file. As soon as I reopen it from disk - the error comes back.
Looks like function keyword “Round” is incorrectly saved to or read from macro in file because function itself is ok.
Anyone faced same problem? How solved (except macro-ing Round formula directly do cell)?
SYS: Win10

Are you saying you created a user-defined function called “Round”? That seems like it would conflict with the ROUND spreadsheet formula. Surely you want to rename the function to something else. But I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

a piece of original code in macro:

oTargetSheet.getCellbyPosition(7,12 + nFrame).Value = Round(oTargetSheet.getCellbyPosition(5,12 + nFrame).Value * oTargetSheet.getCellbyPosition(3,12 + nFrame).Value,2)

in short form:

oTargetCell(x,y).Value = Round (x * y ,2)

When his macro is saved with ODS and then ODS reopened - does NOT work but gets runtime error.
If by hande rewritten and immediately run (from Button) - works.

=== UPDATE ===
Help from erAck ie

The Round() function does exist, but is available only in VBA compatibility mode. For that, insert a

Option VBASupport 1

line as the first statement in the BASIC source.

Thank You. It works!

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