Macro settings in 3.2.3

Hello, I am preparing a localized deployment pack for LO 3.2.3. I have all my settings except one in place via a mst file, the missing one is the property for the macro security settings, I want to set it as medium, but I cant find this when I open the LO msi file with orca. can someone help me…

a few days ago I got a solution for the 3.6.3 version, but this does not seem to work for 3.2.3

See → Macro settings in deployment package

Hello, thank you for your comment, unfortunately this menu guide you sent, is not what I am looking for! I already know how to manually modify the macro settings, however I am trying to accomplish this with a file that fholds the macro security (like in version 3.6.3 (the file is called macrosecurity.xcd)the idea is simply to deploy a file to all my clients with the correct settings.

I can not remember a 3.2.3 version of LibreOffice.
In 3.3.4 the option is in Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Security.