macro to go to next slide

I want to add a line to a macro so it goes to the next slide in a presentation.
I found - oController.gotoBookmark(“Slide name here”) - and tried to use it as - oController.gotoBookmark(“slide2”) - but i get a runtime error, variable not set. I guess I have to declare something but have no idea what or where.

hello @wdr,

poor mans help, google around and ‘trial and error’ …

after some of above the following code worked for me:

Sub impress_jump_target

Doc = ThisComponent
Presentation = Doc.Presentation
Controller = Presentation.Controller
Controller.GotoBookmark("Slide 3")

end sub 'impress_jump_target

my breakthrough from different error messages came with:

AOO Forum: Impress running macro

feel free to ask if you need the complete file,

be aware LO macros sometimes are … a bumpy road,

be aware that above macro is neither ‘nice’ nor ‘standard’ as it doesn’t follow marking variable types by prefixing them with ‘o’, ‘b’, ‘n’ …,

may be your only fault was “Slide 3” vs. “slide2”,

just try and report …

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Thank You for the trouble and the help. Still there is something not working i am still getting the error message with the line Controller.GotoBookmark (“Slide 2”). I tried several names for the slide. The runtime error is “variable not set”. I’ll keep looking thanks, anyhow for the time. I’ll keep the post open for a fewe days maybe someone else has an idea .

Thanks for the support. I found a working solution. I don
t look any further to go to the next question automatically. They can try all the answers and at the end they will see how many times they tried.
I post the code below if any one is looking for something similar.

Global numberCorrect as integer
Global numberwrong as integer

Sub start
    numberCorrect = 0
    numberWrong = 0
End Sub

Sub Correct
    numberCorrect = numberCorrect + 1
    MsgBox "Well Done ,   you got   "  &   numberCorrect  &   "   correct anwers" & "." , , "Quiz"
End Sub

Sub Wrong
    MsgBox "Sorry ,  that is incorrect,  you can try again or move to the next question" , , "Quiz"
    numberWrong = numberWrong + 1
End Sub

Sub result
    MsgBox " you got  "  & numberCorrect & " out of " &      numberCorrect + numberWrong   & " answers correct " & "." , , "Quiz results"
End Sub

The error message indicates that oController is null. This is how to set the variable correctly.

oPresentation = ThisComponent
oController = oPresentation.Controller