Macro to jump to cell referred to by the current cell

I have cells of the form =ROW(A5). When the cursor is over one of these cells, I want the ability to jump to the referenced cell (in this case, A1). How can I create a macro (that I could invoke with a keyboard shortcut later) to do that?

Out of the LO macro languages, I only know JavaScript, but it’s been pretty impossible to find the LO JS macro reference, so I’d be happy with any solution at this point.

Well it wasn’t that hard. After finding the LibreCalc BASIC cheat sheet and googling around the forums, plus the Strings module docs, I cobbled together this:

Sub Jump
  doc = ThisComponent
  sheet = doc.getCurrentController.activeSheet
  cell = doc.currentSelection
  f = RTrimStr(DeleteStr(cell.Formula, "=ROW("), ")")
  target = sheet.getCellRangeByName(f)
End Sub