Macro to load graphic into an image control

I have a writer document with an image control on it and I want to use a macro to load an image into it.

Using the MRI tool add-on and inspecting the image control, I see a property called imageURL. I set this to a path to an image, but the image did not display.

I also see a property called Graphic, which almost corresponds to the property you can access from the user interface’s ‘Control Properties’ called ‘Graphics’…note that it is plural there. This is of a type XGraphic, however, and I’m not sure how to create an instance of this and associate it with the control.

So, in summary, given a path such as, C:\images\myImage.jpg , how do I load the image data from that file into an Image Control on a writer document using LO Basic?

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While true, I think that this is still relevant to those that want to accomplish a similar task, without muddling through ramblings about database code.

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Got it!
Referencing code from [Solved] How to insert an image into footer of Calc? (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum
The property ImageURL doesn’t just take a path like C:\images\myImage.jpg
You have to format your path as a URL or, easier still, call convertToURL() on your path and assign it to the ImageURL property…Done!
For reference, the URL is formatted like: file:///C:/images/myImage.jpg
Also, if there are any spaces, they are converted to the HTML entity, ‘%20’

Hope this helps someone!