Macro to move down a set number of rows

On a Calc spreadsheet there is a slider on the left. Each time I click on the small arrow at the bottom, the spreadsheet moves up exactly one row. Is there a macro that effectively does the same thing?

Sub scrollViewOneRowDown()
On Local Error Goto fail REM Will work if ThisComponent not is a spreadsheet document.
cCtrl = ThisComponent.CurrentController
cCtrl.FirstVisibleRow = cCtrl.FirstVisibleRow + 1
End Sub

dunno why it shouldn’t work in calc, tried in, ok, focus leaving page but scroll as intended, [edit:] sorry, the comment about ‘not is a spreadsheet’ is for the fail only? didn’t test that … [/edit:]

if you need other constructions the samples there: link text might be of help …

thank you! Perfect!!!

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