Macro to open several gmail accounts by using password

Please, does anyone know how to open several gmail accounts via vba macro codes? The email accounts are stored in cells (for example: A1 to A10) and the password are stored in other cells (for example: B1 to B10). I don´t know for where to begin and I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.Thank you.

Seems to be a duplicate of

It is a Microsoft terminology.The LO not uses VBA. (It can run some VBA codes by using the compatibility option…)
(VBA: Visual Basic for Applications)

You need rewrite your VBA macros based on the API and one of the supported programming languages like the StarBasic.
(API: Application Programming Interface)

Otherwise the LO is not an email client. Use the free Thunderbird email client. The LO and Thunderbird can cooperate.