Macro to remove all custom animations from an Impress file?

I am modifying many .pptx files and want to update them to remove custom animations. I’d rather not do this manually and I understand that this might be possible using Macros.

Could someone make one for me and/or recommend a place where I can learn how to do this (as a total beginner)?

Which type of animations do you mean? Animated GIF-s, animated objects on the slides, or animated transitions between the slides?

It’s the “fly-in” or “diasappear” type of custom animations that act on objects in the presentations.

Do you want to delete these objects, or do you want to switch off the animation property of these objects?

Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?

Hi, did you make any progress on this? I have a 254 slide Impress presentation in .ODP format, and every bullet has animation set to Entrance:Appear, so in presentation mode every click causes another bullet to appear. However, I need to capture all the slides for a video without animation (a longer story) and these animations are making that impossible. Removing the animations for about 2500 bullets one by one would be very difficult. Any ideas?


a good place to start with macro programming is here:

I already looked at the Impress stuff and i think what you are looking for could be

“Presentation shapes” (OOME_4_0.odt Chapter: 16.4.2)

The “Effect” property in the tables looks promising. (see below)

You could maybe write a macro which loops over all “Presentation shapes” and see which have the “Effect” property set. … And maybe unset it. Not sure if that would work, for all your custom animatinos.

If you need more help or pointers, just ask in the comments, or make it another question.

Hope that helps.

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