Macro to remove all menus and toolbars except for the toolbar I created for my document

I have crossed the question below, and the solution works well:

The only thing is that, I would like to remove all Toolbars except for the toolbar I created for my Document. How can I locate that toolbar and reshow it after hiding all toolbars…


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The solution is available in the following document → Andrew’s Macro Information and the following code was generated from some of the listings in Section 5.44 Toolbars.

To get a list of the toolbars in the current document:

Sub ListFrameElements
    Dim oDoc, oFrame
    Dim oCfgManager
    Dim oToolInfo
    Dim x
    Dim s$
    Dim iToolType as Integer
    oDoc = ThisComponent
    REM This is the integer value three.
    iToolType =
    oFrame = oDoc.getCurrentController().getFrame()
    oCfgManager = oDoc.getUIConfigurationManager()
    oToolInfo = oCfgManager.getUIElementsInfo( iToolType )
    For Each x in oFrame.LayoutManager.getElements()
        s = s & x.ResourceURL & CHR$(10)
    MsgBox s, 0, "Toolbars in Component"
End Sub

Once you have the list you can hide what you want:

Sub HideRevealFrameObjects
   Dim xCurrentController as Object
   Dim xLayoutManager as Object
   xCurrentController = thisComponent.CurrentController
Rem If in design mode just exit routine
   If xCurrentController.isFormDesignMode Then
       Exit Sub
   End If
   doc = ThisComponent
   frame = doc.CurrentController.Frame
   lmgr = frame.LayoutManager
Rem Now set each item to be hidden (or revealed)
Rem Standard toolbar to be hidden
Rem Standard toolbar to be revealed (would do if previously hidden)
'   lmgr.showElement("private:resource/toolbar/standardbar")  '
End Sub

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where do i put this ?


When I see a comment such as yours, it usually indicates there is little to no knowledge of macros. Please see the LO documentation → here. In Getting started section see Chapter 13 - Getting Started with Macros and under the Base section see Chapter 9 - Macros

That should give you an idea for macro placement.