macros excel on libre

I have an excel file that has many macros and is locked …
need to work with this file in some way have Libre?


sorry for my bad English … :slight_smile:

Please re-phrase this as a a question. I’ve downvoted this until the title is fixed. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

could unlock the file to view and edit macros.
I do not know the basis for re-use macros in LO

Hi @Carlos4, Have you been able to open your document and start to convert the macros to run under LibreOffice? If you’re still seeking help, please change the title into a question as @magicfab requested, and provide us with more information about the macro code. Thanks!

If you need to work with macros, the best that you can do is convert them to LO codes instead of use MS codes. But I didn’t understand what is locked: the file itself or the macros? I think you can try to explain in your own idiom also.