Macros to find an image inline of text

How can I determine if a paragraph in my text document contains images using Basic macros?
Thank you!

See Andrew Pitonyak’s text’s. Useful Macro Information 7.16.4 and 7.16.5 link here.

His documentation and examples of Oo and LO macro use are a valuable resource for macro users.

Thank you echo8hink for a very useful answer! I have found a solution.

Function inlineShapesStyles(ByVal styleName As String)

	Dim oVCurs As Object ' The view cursor
	Dim oTCurs As Object ' The text cursor
	Dim oText  As Object ' Text object that contains the view cursor
	sTContentService = ""
	' The view cursor knows where a line ends
	oVCurs = ThisComponent.CurrentController.getViewCursor()
	' The text object that contains the view cursor
	oText = oVCurs.Text
	' Require a text cursor so that you know where the paragraph ends.
	' The view cursor is not a paragraph cursor.
	oTCurs = oText.createTextCursorByRange(oVCurs) 
	oTCurs.gotoStart(False) ' Begins the search at the start of the document
	' Iterates paragraphs
	For i = 0 To ThisComponent.ParagraphCount
	 	inlineTextShape = False
		' Require a text cursor so that you know where the paragraph ends.
		' Enumerates graphics (does NOT work to enumerate text fields)
		oEnum = oTCurs.createContentEnumeration(sTContentService)
		Do While oEnum.hasMoreElements()
			oSect = oEnum.nextElement()
			If oSect.ShapeType = "FrameShape" Then
		        'If oSect.ImplementationName = "SwXTextGraphicObject" Then ' optional
			 	oTCurs.ParaStyleName = styleName
			 	msgbox "Shape found"
			 	Exit Do
			End If
	Next i
End Function